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All Hand-Carving, Hand Finish

In Native-Works, manufacturing all manually.

I am manufacturing precisely from a vast quantity of stored data.

However, the amount of month-long manufactures is quite little. 

When out of stock, it takes about four months from three months. 
I'm sorry






Rattler (140~260mm)


Ratter is carrying out 6 size manufacture now. 

140mm(30g) 160mm(40g) 190mm(75g) 210mm(100g) 230mm(130g) 260mm(170g)


Very easy Diving pencil 

Triangle structure of specially development

It is effective also for a low active fish. 

I recommend 230mm.260mm to GT. 




Napalm (170~250mm)


Napalm is carrying out 4 size manufacture now. 

170mm(50g) 200mm(90g) 220mm(120g) 250mm(150g)

It is very easy to Move. 
It is very easy to Dive.
It is very easy also in the situation where a pencil cannot be used.

A bluefin tuna yellowfin tuna captures a large number. 


An intense bubble and motion can also use deep water.



Napalm Fighting Rocks


Napalm is carrying out 2 size manufacture now. 

140mm(40g) 190mm(90g)


It made in order to use by rocky beach. 
buoyancy is a little weaker than Napalm.

It swims without losing a wave and a wind. 

A slow motion is effective. 



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